Sunday, April 03, 2011

Small Towns Are Like A Little Baby

Metamora in some ways is like a little baby- it needs a lot of attention from caring people in order to flourish.

I suppose big towns and cities are the same way, but there are more people to go around and do the work in a large population center- and more money too. But our little village of Metamora only has a few hundred people in residence, and many of those just sleep in their quaint little historic homes, mostly on the north side of the canal.

The number of Metamora shopkeepers or business owners that are lucky enough to live in or near the town and care about keeping the history intact, and have the time or resources to actually work at it, is pretty small. Maybe 20 or 30 people. This number includes several local people who don't operate a business in the historic district, but are just as fascinated with the village, and willing to help out.

Those are the ones that make most of the plans and arrangements for the annual Metamora events throughout the year, try to keep the business directories up to date for our visitors (the tourists), get the advertising things made up, decorations put up and taken down, etc. And of course, work their own jobs or operate their own business at the same time.

So if some things aren't always perfect, you'll have to forgive us. We'll try harder next time. If we can just figure out how to re-arrange or stretch some more hours.

But I think we all do it because we think Metamora is one of the most fascinating places in the country. We certainly don't do it for money- there isn't much of that around.

Metamora is truly beautiful and unique. You can almost taste the history of a bygone era that was so important to forming our great nation. So our "little baby" is older than the civil war, but still needs a lot of care to see it flourish.

And that is why we give it our energy- we do it for love of history and the American small town.

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  1. Thank you, Steve, for all the work and energy you and the others do to keep Metamora so enjoyable.

    As a little kid, my family would come to Metamora two or three times a year, and I don't remember ever having a bad time. Now that I'm older and have become somewhat involved in the music scene there, I appreciate the village even more. It's a great place with wonderful people!